All property owners who desire to connect, place structures in or across, make use of lands, must obtain a permit.


All property owners who desire to connect, place structures in or across, or make use of lands of the Sunshine Water Control District (the "District") must complete an application and obtain a permit granting permission to do so.

All permit applications are reviewed by the District engineer and approved by the Board of Supervisors of the District.

The approval is granted in the form of a permit with special conditions. The District issues permits to authorize work within any District rights-of-way or easements.

Issuance of a District permit does not relieve the permittee from any obligation to obtain appropriate federal, state, regional and local approvals/permits. Each permit does not convey any property rights or privileges other than those specified in the permit; it does not authorize any injury to private property or invasion of private rights, nor does it waive the governing requirements of any other agency or authority. It simply expresses the assent of the District as it concerns the public's interest and protection under the General Drainage Law.

Please remember that all projects located in the District might also require a surface water management permit issued by the South Florida Water Management District, which authorizes the construction and operation of a water management system.

Located below are links to the Permit Criteria Manual, which describes in detail all procedures associated with the permits issued by the District, the Permit Application with instructions, and the most current Permit Fee Schedule & Fence Encroachment Determination Application.

Permit Fees Permit Criteria Manual Application for Permit Fence Encroachment Determination Application

If you need assistance with the permit process, you can contact the District's management office at (561) 571-0010.

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